Welcome to Barefoot and Raw. Pull up a chair and let me tell you a little about me and my website.

I am a girl who has had many jobs, working in offices, coffee shops, and then my own business as a Personal Fitness Trainer. The last one was the one that fitted me best, as I loved helping people reach their goals. It was inspiring to be part of their journeys.

There was something missing though, as if part of my life didn’t quite fit.

That all changed when we (hubby, me and three cats), took of on an adventure (some would call it a mid life crisis), across Europe, in a caravan.

Three and a half years later, two cats less, and we are still on it. Things have developed along the way, we now house sit for portions of the year, but our spirit of wanderlust has been ignited, and is burning brightly.

Barefoot and Raw grew out of The Fit Option, which was my original website when I did Personal Training. Barefoot and Raw came about through my passions for barefoot running and raw food.

Now it means more than that. Barefoot and Raw describes my life. Simple, free, unencumbered, unprocessed, natural and organic.

I’m a girl who loves to be in nature and I have created a life for myself that enables me to do that as much as I can.

There is much I want to see and do, places to go and experiences to have.

I have many personal goals I want to achieve, not least kicking my 46 year old behind back into shape (three and a half years of travelling and taking it easy have taken their toll).

Join me as I share my journey, my lifestyle and ways in which I can help you with yours. My messes are my successes and my desire to help myself translates to my ability to help you to.

Healthy eating and exercise will always play a huge part in my life and I still love to help people with their own fitness and health goals, only now that is online, through courses, programmes and eBooks – see my store for more details.

I also write for a living now and you can find out more details about this here.

You can see me over at my YouTube channel here, I am trying hard to get into the habit of posting something daily!

Or just lurk between the pages and enjoy my lifestyle, it isn’t for everyone, but it is fun!

Helen x


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